Sometimes little moments in life sort of gut punch you, make you doubt yourself, your worth. Some nobody’s unforgotten words leave you jaded. Maybe you’re looking for a way to fit into your skin again. Trying to find a way through. That’s when you need to re-evaluate; remind yourself you are enough. That’s when you need to find some level ground. Pack away the good and just leave the rest. That’s when you get in your truck, grab the wheel and point her west, crank a little Miranda or Pink or ZZ Ward, and drive. Let the wind mess your hair, sing at the top of your lungs, and just drive. And remember that you aren’t some nobody’s unforgotten words. Re-evaluate. And don’t settle. Don’t apologize for your feelings or for who and what you are. Remember the stuff you’re made of. ✌🏼

Happy Trails~


One thought on “{Re-Evaluate}

  1. your last couple of posts have really resonated with me. (maybe something’s in the montana spring air???). thanks for your words and for sharing them with your readers. and for the invitation to let the wind muss my hair and drive insecurities away.

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