{Skin In The Game}

One of the most beautiful effects of living your passion is that it inspires others to live theirs.

I believe this wholeheartedly. It’s catching. It isn’t about wanting what others have, and duplicating that. It’s about you deciding to throw some skin in the game of your life and give your own dreams a shot.

We get one life on this earth. It really is up to us to live it as beautifully and bravely as we can. And we’re darn fools not to. We all get a little lost. We all go a little crazy. Sometimes we travel through a little madness to find ourselves on the other side. So what? There’s some beauty in that wild, in that unknown.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of these very things. I write them down here as a reminder to you and to me, to go a little wild from time to time. Change up your life if you need to. Learn the lesson. Try again. Start fresh. Be gracious, humble and kind, and pray your little butt off, or your big one, or whatever. Hold what needs holding and mend the fences that mending. Love whomever you want to love. Just be authentically you.

Because, one trip, just one, is what we get here. There will be others that say it’s just an interim, that there’s so much more on the other side of this life. That may be true, but it does matter what we do with the time we’re given here. Our existence in this moment leaves some sort of mark somewhere, an impact.

So, in the words of Jack Kerouac, “climb that goddamn mountain”. I’m guessing the view will be pretty awesome. Go after what gives you goosebumps. Because you weren’t born to just pay those danged old bills and die.

Happy Trails~

Heather Anne

One thought on “{Skin In The Game}

  1. Nothing risked is nothing gained.
    You placed words eloquently on paper that I remind myself daily. Do that extra something just because you can. Try to see that life is a road trip of stopoffs and turnouts, sometimes dead ends and turn arounds. But the scenery can be beautiful even if the weather is terrible. Get your hands dirty but try to keep your soul clean. Simple life isn’t always simple, but it’s worth every second of it. 💕

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