You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something in your life. ~Winston Churchill

Not everybody will like you. Not everybody will agree with your choices. Not everyone will admire that you’ve gone against the grain. Not everyone will like that you’ve learned to kick ass and take names. Not everyone knows or will like your reasons why. You don’t need their approval. You just need to know you’re doing what’s best for you. Let the rest of the world go hang. You do you.

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Look around you. How many people do you think are settling? Probably a helluva lot. People settle into okay relationships, okay jobs, okay friends and an okay life. But why? Because it’s comfortable. Okay pays the bills and provides a warm bed at night. Some exist in okay and that’s fine. But guess what? Okay is not thrilling. Okay is not passion. Okay isn’t life changing or unforgettable or something we can’t live without. Okay is not the reason you risk absolutely everything for the slightest possibility of success and the amazing feeling that happens when it comes to pass. Okay is just… okay. Are you just okay?

This picture was two falls ago living in Havre, and I remember loving this day, albeit long. And I remember having this exact thought about my life. And I longed for a change in every corner of it. Change is definitely not meant to be easy, but for me, okay wasn’t cutting it anymore. I wanted more days just like this. And granted, every day since I made changes hasn’t looked like this, but the majority of my days are absolutely beautiful. I have two amazing kids, good horses, a loyal pup, a strong, loving family, and I have for the first time, a love I don’t want to live without. Okay works. But for me, it just wasn’t enough anymore. It wasn’t about wanting what others had. It was about knowing God put dreams inside my heart I could no longer ignore. Maybe they haven’t all come to fruition. Maybe they won’t in this great, tangible form I can see, but maybe just one word will inspire you to shake out of okay and live to your fullest potential. That’s my hope for you and for me. ❤️

Happy Trails~




Sometimes little moments in life sort of gut punch you, make you doubt yourself, your worth. Some nobody’s unforgotten words leave you jaded. Maybe you’re looking for a way to fit into your skin again. Trying to find a way through. That’s when you need to re-evaluate; remind yourself you are enough. That’s when you need to find some level ground. Pack away the good and just leave the rest. That’s when you get in your truck, grab the wheel and point her west, crank a little Miranda or Pink or ZZ Ward, and drive. Let the wind mess your hair, sing at the top of your lungs, and just drive. And remember that you aren’t some nobody’s unforgotten words. Re-evaluate. And don’t settle. Don’t apologize for your feelings or for who and what you are. Remember the stuff you’re made of. ✌🏼

Happy Trails~


{Skin In The Game}

One of the most beautiful effects of living your passion is that it inspires others to live theirs.

I believe this wholeheartedly. It’s catching. It isn’t about wanting what others have, and duplicating that. It’s about you deciding to throw some skin in the game of your life and give your own dreams a shot.

We get one life on this earth. It really is up to us to live it as beautifully and bravely as we can. And we’re darn fools not to. We all get a little lost. We all go a little crazy. Sometimes we travel through a little madness to find ourselves on the other side. So what? There’s some beauty in that wild, in that unknown.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of these very things. I write them down here as a reminder to you and to me, to go a little wild from time to time. Change up your life if you need to. Learn the lesson. Try again. Start fresh. Be gracious, humble and kind, and pray your little butt off, or your big one, or whatever. Hold what needs holding and mend the fences that mending. Love whomever you want to love. Just be authentically you.

Because, one trip, just one, is what we get here. There will be others that say it’s just an interim, that there’s so much more on the other side of this life. That may be true, but it does matter what we do with the time we’re given here. Our existence in this moment leaves some sort of mark somewhere, an impact.

So, in the words of Jack Kerouac, “climb that goddamn mountain”. I’m guessing the view will be pretty awesome. Go after what gives you goosebumps. Because you weren’t born to just pay those danged old bills and die.

Happy Trails~

Heather Anne