It Matters


These last few weeks in our country have been rough, raw, emotional, and painful. In these times, I find it hard to find ground that is inspirational and peaceful; I find it difficult to spread words of love without at first having an angry, knee-jerk reaction to the news that is poured out over televisions and social media platforms. Never have I felt our country is more at a loss for direction than now.  I am not so naive as to think that my words will change anything.  I am not educated by society’s standards, I don’t have a degree stating in fact that I am qualified to discuss such matters, but I still have the ability to think for myself.  So, as you read further, please know that it is not my intention to force my thoughts and opinions on anyone; I don’t have a soapbox agenda. We are all entitled to our own ideas, and we will not agree on all subjects political, religious, or social, but I believe that we can all agree that we all matter, all of our lives. Every single one. And so do our every day actions.

I am frustrated with our country; angry that the most privileged of countries cannot see to do better than what we are. The news stories we see are more unfathomable each day.  The value of our lives becomes less with each passing minute. We blame the other and lack accountability for our own actions. We stand in line to fill out welfare applications instead of job applications, and can’t find the time to get our hands dirty to work. Drugs are rampant, theft is higher than ever, and our government sees fit to force gun control on law-abiding gun owners, ethical hunters and outdoors men, until they no longer have a voice.  Terrorism is at an all time high, yet we knowingly fly martyrs and sympathizers of them into our country by the plane full and offer refuge.

Our children are being medicated and given devices to entertain themselves, while obesity is the norm.  We stick our nose in the business of others all under the guise of “doing what is right.”  We no longer divide and conquer and help and serve. We serve ourselves. God has been removed from anything and everything that matters, and we complain. We complain about everything, and act entitled. Animal lives are valued more than humans’. Any sort of tolerance and common sense is ridiculed and otherwise mocked and the pendulum of blame just keeps swinging.  Everyone wants, but nobody wants to work for it. Those that do are taxed to death, medical needs leave us bankrupt, and our country is trillions of dollars in debt, yet we spend it like we just won the lottery.  Our government, our country as a whole, is in dire need of an overhaul of mega proportions.

So don’t tell me one life matters more than another. Your life matters. Mine matters. Hers. His. Blue. Black. White. Common sense matters. Prayer matters. Kindness matters. Unity matters. God matters. Love matters.  Patience and strength matter. Life… It all matters.  Do something with it. Live it. Love it. Own it.  Be the change you wish this world to see. Because more than anything, our actions matter.  Start somewhere. It matters.

Do work. Do Good.



One thought on “It Matters

  1. So well written, with passion, sincerity and love You have a gift and I am so glad you have the heart and drive to use it…..


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