For Crap’s Sake…

It’s been one of those weeks for me…the kind I feel I only have five seconds to reflect and pray on in the few minutes I’m hoping to have an uniterrupted moment while hiding out in the bathroom. But that’s not allowed by Sage, my over anxious border collie. {I have no idea why she’s so anxious?!} And then the ridiculousness of my thought dawns on me: “You’re in the bathroom, Heather, actually on the toilet. That ain’t no place to be praying to God about your crappy week. Rude.Unthoughtful. Sacrilegious.” And then the downward spiral of more unending thoughts and worries and wonders start all over. Like a never-ending journey. And I feel like a real jerk for praying…in a bathroom.

Yeah, it’s been that sort of week. The kind of week prone to mood swings and outbursts and smiles through tears and cuss words of every degree. Everything from Facebook posts to dirty dishes to dog hair and a low bank account have managed to nearly put me over the edge. I’d like to chalk it up to hormones, but sometimes you are just plain, old out of whack.

I forget that in all my stressing about work and family and choices, my pining for the past and worrying about the future, that I’ve created this. This unnecessary mood; the dumb funk I’ve found myself in. I’m selfish.  I’ve forgotten to be grateful; I’ve forgotten to focus on what really matters. And while sitting on the crapper, my dog bores her eyes into my {momentarily} heartless soul, and I smile. Because even though life may feel like the shits at times, I can still choose to flush it.  And I know that sacrilegious or not, a prayer to God in this solitude moment, a moment that only I’m privy to {pun intended} is all I need to realize life is good if I let it be.

For crap’s sake, yours is too.  ❤

3 thoughts on “For Crap’s Sake…

  1. You are so right, I get up st 5:00am, so I can have a few min of peace before day starts, and bam, then the day slaps you in the face. I think times are changing so fast our society won’t stop for a second to be grateful, that’s why we have those idiots out there, that can’t see past their immature cry baby bed wetter attitudes. Pisses me off. I too have found myself usually in the bathroom …..flushing shit out. Lol later tater love ya Toni


  2. love the perspective! You have a way to make us all smile, laugh, cry and reassess our look at life…Love you and am so proud of your gift of humor, words, thoughts and comments! Way to go, never stop writing and taking pictures they are amazing!


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