New Year’s Resolutions

I hope this finds all of you recovering from a wonderful Christmas.


 I can’t believe a whole year has passed since I didn’t become that trimmer, slimmer, more organized, less tired, happier, healthier, better person. And I still don’t weigh what my driver’s license says.  So as I start this year’s list off, I will try to focus on attainable goals in order to avoid the self loathing and disappointment that comes at the end of the year when I have once again completely failed. So here goes nothing:

1.       Stop making lists.

B.  Learn to count better.

7.  Stop hanging out with people that ask me what my new year’s resolutions are.

3.  Actually write 2014 on my checks and other documents and not 2013.

A.  Eat healthier… Wait… Is that chocolate?

4.  Make better bad decisions.

C.  Swear less. Oh forget it… 

9.  Go to church more.

6.  Stop making lists.

M.  Improve my memory.  It’s not as good as it used to be.  Also, my memory isn’t as good as it used to be.

2.  Keep one house plant alive.

T.  Fatten the bank account and slim the body.  Somehow, I got that backwards the past few years.

5.  Stay more focused and finish what I

I guess I better stop there.  Some of these goals may be a bit tougher than I bargained for.  With that being said, I hope all of you keep in mind that if you’re worrying about reaching your new year’s resolutions, maybe you oughta rethink them. Learn from mistakes and move on and remember to let go.  Try one new thing you’ve always wanted to try.  Visit your parents.  Buy your kids less electronics.  Put down your dumb smart phone and have a conversation with those around you.  Write a letter, not a text.  Live more. Love more. Laugh more.  Enjoy your life and every little moment it has to offer.  Live simply and simply…live.  Blessings on your new year!  Happy trails…


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