If I Had a Million Dollars…

They say money can’t buy happiness. I’ve always wanted to test that particular theory.  What happiness couldn’t a million dollars buy? I certainly could go on that long awaited Australian vacation, hire a personal trainer to achieve athlete status, buy multitudes of horses and mules and that new diesel flatbed truck and horse trailer I’ve been wanting, help some family out, donate to charity, pay all my bills on time, get facials and spa treatments, manicures and the latest hairstyles, (Except Miley Cyrus’s short and shaved do. Even money can’t pull that look off!). I could purchase the clothes I want, own two hundred pairs of shoes, (wait…I might already), dine at fancy restaurants, and live in fat city. Now, let me ask you, what doesn’t sound amazing about that? It sounds like pure bliss to me.  Then, I stop to think about what I have without that cool million.  I have a family, a beautiful one.  I have four horses in the corral and mountains and trails out my back door. I have time to donate to charity and time to help out family. I have clothes on my back and shoes on my feet. If I want fine cuisine, I go to Mom’s house, (not mine). When I add up what I do have, it surpasses that million dollar mark by miles. I may not have stunning Hollywood hair, a nice manicure, and I’m still waiting on that Australian vacation and diesel flatbed truck, but I have what’s the most important in life…The love for the land, friends and family to laugh with, a good horse to ride, blue skies, and new trails to ride. I can’t put a price on that…

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