Just Your Time

I was asked recently what I wanted for Christmas this year, and I thought about that. Of course there are material items that came to mind. (I am only human.) A horse trailer was at the top of the list, but then a truck upgrade was, too. I’m not much for impractical items like pretty jewelry or fuzzy leggings. (Leggings tell entirely too much truth for my liking!) So, I decided it’s not about what material item I could want or need. My needs are met, but sometimes the needs of the heart fall slightly short. And what we could all use more of on this earth, is just a little more time.

My needs are really what I want for all of you…I want for you a place to call home filled with family, laughter, slight dysfunction, and a whole lot of memories to be made. May it be filled with less stuff and more love.

 I want your time. Time for a visit over coffee with friends, new and old. I want for you to pass on an old tradition or trade you’ve learned or perfected, and share that with the next generation. Stay connected to them without a device. Teach them what it means to pull up their bootstraps and dig in. Help them see what life there is to be lived out there. Let them embrace their roots and their wings. I want you to live, love, smile, and give. Give of your time because you can. Give of it because you want to.

I want for that bronc to test ya, but may you be able to match him jump for jump. Sometimes life is all about that hang and rattle. And if you hit that dirt, pick yourself up, dust off, and try again. May your whiskey be smooth and straight. And may it kick your butt just once to remind you of your limits. May your music be beautiful and speak to your heart.

May you find grace and forgiveness if you’re seeking it for yourself or others.  May you find joy and peace and strength. May you smile more and dance any chance you can. Hit the pause button once in a while, and make time. Make time to get back to the heart of life. Hug your family, kiss the babies, and fall in love all over again.  

I guess I really want nothing of you, but everything for you this holiday season. I just want your time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your care and love and insight this past year. May your holidays be all you wish for and more. Much love to you and yours, and as always, Happy Trails from my Big Sky to yours.❤


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