Tough Lil’ Miss

For my beautiful little niece on her 1st birthday!

Tough Lil’ Mis

She’s got curls a soft red & yellow

And big, smilin’ eyes bright & blue,

She’s a beauty like her mama

But has her daddy’s twinklin’ eye for trouble too.


You see, Little Miss, you’re made of pretty tough stuff.

You’re rooted by the best kind of folks in this life.

Those made of big ‘ol Montana mountains & streams

And the rich, fertile land of Florida cattle ranchin’ life.


Right now it’s spotted stick ponies, pink cowboy hats and boots

Stuffed puppies and baby dolls and farm animals strewn all about,

But as time flies, that will change to fancy loops and fast horses,

A Dodge truck, horse trailer, and a Boxer pup to boot!


Daisey Rae, there’s no doubt, no straighter loop will be thrown,

Or a better hand will be made with horse or cow around

When you hit the ground a’runnin’

Ain’t nothin’ much will keep you down.


You’ve got the makins’ of a real cowgirl

Ya see, you really can’t help but be

When your mama’s one of the best

And your daddy’s one of the toughest cowboys to beat.


This ol’ life may never be easy, Miss Daisey

Your gonna have to jerk your cinch up tight.

But when the goin’ ain’t easy, the tough get goin’

So pull that hat down tight & just enjoy the ride.


Happiest of birthdays to you!



Auntie Heather

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