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Hi y’all! Been a while since I have had the time to entertain the idea of writing anything worthwhile.  Hope this finds all of you getting your jolly asses in the HO HO HO state of mind, as that time of year has arrived again. 

Recently, I decided to delve into the vacuum suction called Pinterest, which I will admit is like the worst centrifigal? or centripical? ( I can never remeber which sucks what which way) force I have ever experienced.  I thought Facebook was bad enough.  It turns out, there is just a lot of cool crap out there that I can pin to my boards.    Some of you may know that I like to try my hand at western arts and crafts, so the world of Pinterest allows me expand upon my ideas (brilliant I might add).  Some of you may also know that my love for a spectacular cocktail, sweet wine, and frosty, cold beer is exponential.  So you can imagine my excitement when I browsed upon the idea of combining two of my favorite pasttimes, drinking and crafting, and making whiskey bottle lamps! I even thought I could go so far as to create a board called “Cool Shit I Drink & Glue”!  Upon further browsing, I pinned favorite yoga poses, my insane attempt at feminity featuring (gasp!) beauty products, (gulp) dresses and jewelry, hairstyles, and more.  The world of Pinterest is truly amazing…sigh…

So, to make a long story short, if you too have been hoovered in by this damn time-sucking website, you can now find Cowgirl Ramblings on there, too. Your life may never be the same… Happy pinning!

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