Ass Deep in Snow, School, Kids & Local Functions…

Well, I feel as if I have let my audience down lately.  My apologies to my loyal 5 viewers!  I have had nary a second to shower or shave properly with all this fun, fun, fun! You see, I have a 9 year old and 13 year old that require the majority of my banking and escort services to and from basketball practices, cross-country skiing, friends’ houses, dances, and much, much more.  (All of which, seem to be planned at the last minute!)  On top of that, my husband has asked me to be his one and only employee for his snow-plowing and care-taking business while he is at his real job.  Just today, I was privileged enough to drive his beloved plow truck, and it came with full lessons and instructions and a crap-load of responsibility! (Crapload is a standardized unit of measurement! Trust me…)  As if that weren’t enough, there is always the dog and horses to feed.  Oh, did I mention that I also am a board member of our local area chamber of commerce?  Silly me signed herself up to pull off a “Winterfest Weekend” in town, of which I was put in charge of marketing the event, snow sculptures, and collecting auction donations! To add to that fun… it has decided to be winter all in 24 hours dumping 3 feet of snow on us!  That has lead to shovel, plow, cuss, shovel, plow, cuss, snow, plow, shovel, snow, cuss some more… It is liking wiping your ass on a hoop! It is showing no signs of letting up, and to top that off, the school called a SNOW DAY tomorrow! (How the heck am I to get any work done with the little spawns nipping at my heels?) I will be yelling, “Shut up! and Stop that! and QUIT FIGHTING!” nonstop.  I guess I shall enforce child labor tomorrow!  Besides that, the laundry and dishes have fornicated AND multiplied without my consent, and it looks like the mud room has vomited snow clothes all over the house… Ho hum… with all of this, I haven’t had the time to sit and be creative.  My brain is fried, and I am pretty sure I need a stiff drink. So, hopefully after the grand Winterfest weekend is over, the snow stops falling, and the kids go back to school, I will have time to sit down and write something more meaningful.  For now, I have nothing important to write about, so my sarcastic spoils will have to do.  Until next week…   Oh wait! Did I mention I just enrolled in college to get my bachelor of science degree in elementary education?  Beam me up, Scotty!

6 thoughts on “Ass Deep in Snow, School, Kids & Local Functions…

  1. I agree that laughter IS the best medicine….don't you wish it would magically make all those jobs, mundane and otherwise, disappear!!! I, for one, appreciate you and thank you for all you are doing for those around you and your community!!!


  2. Glad you remembered to take time to write to us. We can all sympathize with you, if not actually empathize with you! As for me….I totally relate ….from recall anyway!


  3. I just found you through a “like” of a friend on FB….THIS IS TRULY THE BEST BLOG…I have EVER read!…I'll buy you that stiff drink g'friend…I have four boys and TOTALLY relate to enforcing child labor!!! Greetings from SE..Missouri!


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